Alek Sandar - TERRA [Vertical Video]

Alek Sandar - TERRA [Vertical Video]

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22 Прегледи

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Alek Sandar - TERRA [Vertical Video], 2021

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IG: @Alek_Sandar
TikTok: @Alek_Sandar

Music: Alek Sandar
Arrangement: Nick Morzov, Alek Sandar
Recording: Nick Morzov (LA)
Lyrics: Alexander Scott Harris, Alek Sandar
Director: Alek Sandar
DP: Jake Johnston, Tony Xie
Editing: Jake Johnston, Alek Sandar, AnnDi
Color Grading: Nikolay Kirkov
3D VFX / Post Production Executive: Ivan Tride
Stylist: Andi Ospina @AndiWardrobe
Hair & Make up: none
YouTube Management: AnnDi
Management & Booking for Bulgaria: Plamen Mitev - +359 879 131 444
Management & Booking Global: Baseline HQ (Zach Young, New York) +1 (917) 943-2217


Verse 1:
We burn through the night like fireflies,
Surrender a perfect paradise
Now is the end of modern times
And I’m calling out your name
Where the hell do we go we are suffering
A war that is fought between Gods and men
In a time that is timeless now and then
We’ll never be the same

Halelelee - oh we used to be together,
oh we used to have it all yeah
Halelelee - But I know that together
we can weather any storm yeah
Halelelee - oh we used to have it all
oh we thought we have it all forever
But now we fall like feathers
I’m calling out to Terra

People come together you know we’re fightin’ a battle
Every day and night on the news and on every channel

Verse 2:
It feels like our time is standing still
Can’t work, can’t leave,
Can’t pay the bill
Round and around on a Ferris wheel
And I’m calling out your name
Your people, my people are suffering
Ahhhh suffering
In a war that is fought between Gods and men
We’ll never be the same

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